Sahnya Thom​​​​​​

Coach/Consultant for Individuals & Organizations
Psychology Adjunct Professor, Speaker, Author, Martial Arts Expert
Science nerd with a poetic heart who loves to make people laugh while delivering life-changing content!


  1. Amazing experience!
    Sahnya goes deep fast. Her wisdom bridges science and spirituality.She makes you laugh too! - Lana, Teacher
  2. Glad I Know of Her!
    I'm shifted! She cuts through crap and gets to the heart. She's going places fast, Glad I know of her now!- Dan, Vet
  3. A Luminary
    Sahnya lights up the dark, As a cancer survivor, I need that. I hired her as a coach immediately. - Rachel, Healer

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What do you get when you combine
Clinical Psychology
​ Mindfulness
Personal Fitness Training

The Wisdom of a 6th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Master?

                                                         You Ninja Your Life with

A little bit about me. . .
Hi, my name is Sahnya. I have an MA in Clinical Psychology specializing in Positive Psychology, BA in PsychoBiology, and I'm a 6th Degree Black Belt Martial Artist, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor. With my education, research, and experience, I help individuals, coaching circles, and organizations THRIVE personally and professionally. My specialty is in guiding people through the stages of transformation, especially after a major life change or trauma, while sustaining and building mind, body, and spiritual optimal wellbeing. 


Sahnya Thom​​​​​​