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Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this page. I'm honored you are considering me as a speaker for your event. I understand it can be challenging to find the right fitting speaker and the success of your event is largely impacted by the quality and success of the speaker(s). 

Empowerment, engagement, wisdom, knowledge, vulnerability, sense of humor, and inspirational story telling are vital ingredients to an extraordinary speaker. A speaker who leaves a long lasting impression is not someone who plops up powerpoint slides and reads off an outline. Event planners also need to have a smooth, professional, and positive experience in setting up the speaking engagement.

My hope is you will find this page helpful in making your decision and consider my experience, style, personality, and topics the perfect fit for your event. 

A Little Bit About Me
I speak on topics related to THRIVING. To me, thriving is deeper than happiness and much more sustainable. I consider myself to be an "EDUTAINER." Meaning, I like to entertain the audience with stories, humor, and relevant metaphors to really hit a home run with the message. I've also been known to demonstrate Martial Art moves to give the audience a dynamic visual of specific principles. My goal is to motivate and educate the audience deeply on the topic and have fun in the process. I always want to leave a positive lasting impression with the audience.  

After speaking, I hear from audience members how refreshing and game-changing the message is. I am blessed to have such a unique background and education so I can "EDUTAIN" on how to thrive. This includes speaking on stress reduction, mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence, positive relationships, optimal wellbeing, mindful leadership, champion mindset, transformation, and aligning with purpose and meaning. I've had remarkable teachers and mentors, and I feel its my obligation to share what I've learned from them with others to make a positive footprint in this world. I really do want to make this world a better place. 

Here Are Some of my Biggest Hits
  • Optimal Wellbeing & Self-Mastery 
    This topic is taught in many formats. Workshops, retreats, breakout sessions, discussion panels, keynotes. Sahnya introduces the "Life Wheel of Thriving" and engages the audience in fun interactive exercises to drop their heads into their heart
    s and truly embrace what it means to live a balanced, healthy, and happy life. Eight signature areas are covered. 
  • The Phoenix Rising Process (thriving through change)
    This is a very popular workshop for organizations, groups, corporations, non-profits, leadership teams, etc. who are going through transition and change and need help with thriving tools (e.g. stress reduction, resilience, grit, engagement, achievement,).
  • The Champion Mindset 
    This is for sports teams, elite athletic events, and high performance leadership groups.
  • The Lion's Roar (proclaiming your purpose and voice in this world)
    This is a great topic for women's leadership groups and high school and college events. This is also excellent for young entrepreneur organizations. 

  • Healthy Things Grow (building positive healthy relationships)
    This is taught in all formats. Audience members are introduced to mindful listening skills, non-violent communication, how to forgive one another, express gratitude, and so much more! The takeaway of this topic is relationships are like keeping a garden healthy. We need to water and nourish flowers and plants to keep them growing just like relationships. This is in our personal lives and at the workplace. Healthy things grow! 

  • Mindful Leadership 
    This topic is designed for non-profits, organizations, schools, and corporations who are looking to build thriving leaders thereby positively influencing the organization as a whole. A mindful leader has self-awareness, can handle change, masters attention and focus, has clarity and intention, exhibits emotional intelligence, prioritizes well and gets projects done on time, and cares about building positive relationships. Mindful leadership is the way to go if you want a thriving positive organization.

Keep in mind, I will customize my topics to meet your specific needs and make sure to deliver the message and outcome you want. My presentations can be a keynote, seminar, workshop, half-day or full-day intensive, retreat, discussion panel, conference breakout session, or a "lunch and learn" session. 
Here's What You Can Expect From Me
  • Prompt and professional responses to your calls and e-mails. 
  • A personal phone consultation with myself or team member so we can better understand your needs and outcome with your audience.
  • If your event is public, I will announce it on my website and social media.
  • A customized speaking contract we both agree on the terms and sign.
  • A dynamic professionally prepared and delivered presentation focused on your needs and results you want with your audience. 
  • If agreed on in the contract, custom handouts and resource page for your audience including links of stories, books, articles, etc. I think is relevant. 
  • If agreed on in the contract, custom certificates of completion for CEUs.
  • A quick check in communication two weeks prior to the event to make sure room, chairs, sound equipment, microphone, etc. will be set up on your end that best serves your audience and my speaking preferences. 
  • A follow-up communication after the event with myself or team member to make sure your expections were met and if there are any suggestions for improvement.

If you want to check my availability for your event or considering me as a possible speaker, please fill out the form below to receive more information about my availability and fee schedule. I will get back to you as soon as I can and set up a 15-minute phone call to introduce myself. 
What People Are Saying 

"I've worked with many speakers and wellness coaches. Sahnya’s presentations are insightful and engaging. Feedback was overwhelming positive. Guests wanted to sign up for her next engagement. It's rare a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Sahnya does. We plan to use her again. Her professionalism and dedication make her an absolute dream to work with. 
-Druellen Kosti
Director Evensong Spa, Green Lake Wisconsin

"This woman knows her stuff! I've been to her Phoenix Rising Process workshop the last three years and last year attended her full-day retreat on Optimal Wellbeing. I'm in awe of the precision of delivery Sahnya does and how she can hold my attention with fun stories and even poetry. It's not easy to hold my attention, by the way. I love her work! I can't wait to attend her 2017 Retreat! I'm definitely inviting friends."
-David Goldman 
Small Business Owner, Chicago Illinois

“I first took a Mindfulness seminar with Sahnya and it turned me on to the simple methods she uses to help people appreciate life and find greater happiness. I feel like I had these valuable things inside of me that Sahnya helped to bring out. I have learned how to use my mind and my breathing to my benefit, especially in difficult life situations professionally and personally. This has given me the ability to both take chances and be more “present” in the here and now. I also took a seminar about the Phoenix Rising Process (handling transitions). I loved learning about the whole psychology behind how the human mind handles new and different challenges. Change is a constant and my family and I are using the methods Sahnya taught us regularly during these times. She uses her psychology training as well as knowledge in other areas to make things really easy and fun to understand. I moved away so while I no longer attend Sahnya’s seminars, I am actually more in touch than ever. I listen to her podcasts, read her blogs and do her guided meditations. She replies to my questions and always has ways that I can help myself move forward. There are so many people ‘out there’, but you won’t find another Sahnya. She has helpled me arrive at the best ‘place’ I have ever been."
- Dena Erin
Full Time Mother & Online Entrepreneur, Indiana

Sahnya Thom - dynamic, passionate, thorough, inspiring, the perfect instructor for everyone. As the Events Coordinator & Chairwoman for the National Women's Martial Arts Federation, I was part of the team that hired Sahnya for the 2016 Tri-Alliance Conference, she did not disappoint! I would not hesitate to hire her again and hoping to bring her to Michigan to do a clinic.
-Sensei Lisa M. Santi, Owner & Head Instructor
Turn Of The Tide Martial Arts, Michigan

I had the great pleasure of taking a session on mindfulness and meditation from Sahnya at a women’s martial arts conference this past summer. While I was already a believer in the subject matter and eager to learn more, I could not have been more impressed with Sahnya’s teaching style and approach — to this topic and life! She has the ability to put everyone at ease, and is at the same time gentle, serious, encouraging and hilarious in her tone and demeanor. Sahnya is a true professional, with deep experience in a range of modalities that she calls upon to inform her optimal wellbeing coaching. I left with helpful, practical tools and skills to help my mindfulness practice, and she left me wishing we had more time together. I feel so fortunate to have met Sahnya, and I’m thrilled to learn more from her at my earliest opportunity!  
-Jennie Trower
Co-Founder, Jarrett and Jennie Self-Defense, Austin Texas 

Sahnya Thom's experience in wellness and spiritual insight, combined with her enthusiasm and joyous personality, make her a unique speaker, personal trainer, and coach. Her mindfulness and meditation presentations have really helped me develop a more peaceful awareness and positive outlook on life. I highly recommend Sahnya to anyone searching for the perfect speaker, personal trainer, or coach. She is an amazing and talented mind-body expert.
-Christina Petrou,
Optometrist, Milwaukee Wisconsin

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