​​​​"​​I am so grateful for the continued opportunity to help my individual clients and organizations THRIVE. I work with remarkable souls and am reminded everyday why I do what I do."


Client Testimonials

  1. Sahnya Thom - dynamic, passionate, thorough, inspiring, the perfect instructor for everyone. As the Events Coordinator & Chairwoman for the National Women's Martial Arts Federation, I was part of the team that hired Sahnya for the 2016 Tri-Alliance Conference, she did not disappoint! I would not hesitate to hire her again and hoping to bring her to Michigan to do a clinic.
    Sensei Lisa M. Santi, Owner & Head Instructor Turn Of The Tide Martial Arts, Michigan
  2. I've worked with many speakers and wellness coaches. Sahnya’s presentations are insightful and engaging. Feedback was overwhelming positive. Guests wanted to sign up for her next engagement. It's rare a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Sahnya does. We plan to use her again. Her professionalism and dedication make her an absolute dream to work with.
    Druellen Kosti Director Evensong Spa, Green Lake Wisconsin
  3. Ms. Thom is an amazing personal fitness trainer. She is always concerned about my total wellbeing and passionate about helping people. Beyond the wonderful training sessions, I attended several of her workshops. I learned to approach life with a more mindful open heart. The benefits of training from Sahnya have helped me immeasurably.
    Mary Joanis, Personal Training & Coaching Client
  4. Sensei Thom is truly an expert trainer, coach, and martial ARTist. After years of training and teaching, Sensei Thom was able to analyze my skills and design workouts to take me to a higher level of proficiency. She is one of the best in her field!
    Susan Miller, School Psychologist, MSEd
  5. Sahnya connects people to present living life to the fullest. Her passion for meditation, fitness, and wellness helps others succeed. Her workouts focus on mind/body leaving everyone energized, empowered, and accomplished. If you are looking to break free the barriers society puts on us with stress and busyness, take advantage of Sahnya's programs!
    Katie Nickel, Coordinator, Jewish Community Center
  6. Sahnya re-entered my life when I need her most. I will be forever grateful. I attended a coaching/meditation circle with a friend and never meditated before. My friend and I walked away changed. Her knowledge, experiences, conviction, and beautiful instruction style has stayed with me. That single evening at Sahnya's meditation circle was a turning point in my life. Namaste
    Karen Schwiegert, Workshop Member & Lover of Life!
  7. I was having lower back and hamstring stiffness. Sahnya didn’t just show me exercises and methods to help me, she explained the science behind it. I really appreciate that she personalized everything to me. Sahnya answered my questions, followed up and has really been instrumental in improving the quality of my life. She is a hidden treasure for those who need wellness help.
    Ben Schachter, Writer & Teacher
  8. I had the great pleasure of taking a session on mindfulness and meditation from Sahnya at a women’s martial arts conference this past summer. While I was already a believer in the subject matter and eager to learn more, I could not have been more impressed with Sahnya’s teaching style and approach — to this topic and life! She has the ability to put everyone at ease. . .
    Jennie Trower, Co-Founder, Jarrett and Jennie Self-Defense
  9. In 2015, my daughter and I took an 8- week meditation class taught by Sahnya. We have high stress positions. Relaxing for over an hour was foreign to us. Sahnya was warm, welcoming, knowledgeable, and sensed our unease. We continue to practice the tools which have positively impacted our life. I am looking forward to more workshops and going to her for life coaching.
    WDW, Business Owner
  10. Sahnya Thom's experience in wellness and spiritual insight, combined with her enthusiasm and joyous personality, make her a unique speaker, personal trainer, and coach. Her mindfulness and meditation presentations have really helped me develop a more peaceful awareness and positive outlook on life. I highly recommend Sahnya to anyone . . . .
    Christina Petrou, Optometrist