Sahnya Thom​​​​​​

BodyMind Transformational Coach, Teacher,
Author, Fitness & Martial Arts Expert
Science nerd with a poetic heart who loves to make people laugh while delivering life-changing content!


​​​​​​​​​​​​​I LOVE MY WORK!
I help people wake up, transform, and show up for their lives at their optimal level physically, mentally, spiritually, and intuitively. I work with individuals, groups, and organizations on transcending surviving into THRIVING & FLOURISHING. This work includes deep work in change, relationships, healing, BodyMind exercises, removing obstacles for peak performance, and more to Ninja Your Life!"

  1. Amazing experience!
    Sahnya goes deep fast. Her wisdom bridges science and spirituality.She makes you laugh too! - Lana, Teacher
  2. Glad I Know of Her!
    I'm shifted! She cuts through crap and gets to the heart. She's going places fast, Glad I know of her now!- Dan, Vet
  3. A Luminary
    Sahnya lights up the dark, As a cancer survivor, I need that. I hired her as a coach immediately. - Rachel, Healer

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What do you get when you combine
Clinical Psychology
​ Mindfulness
Personal Fitness Training

The Wisdom of a 6th Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Master?

                                                         You Ninja Your Life with

A little bit about me. . .
Hi, my name is Sahnya. I have an MA in Clinical Psychology specializing in Positive Psychology, BA in PsychoBiology, and I'm a 6th Degree Black Belt Martial Artist, Personal Fitness Trainer, and Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor. With my education, research, and experience, I help individuals, coaching circles, and organizations THRIVE personally and professionally. My specialty is in guiding people through the stages of transformation, especially after a major life change or trauma, while sustaining and building mind, body, and spiritual optimal wellbeing. 


Sahnya Thom​​​​​​