Saturday June 24, 9a-2p
Awakening Your Warrior Spirit​​
Blue Heron Level 1


Day Retreat - June 24, 9a – 2p

​30 Minutes from Madison, WI

Early Bird Registration $85/warrior before June 1
Late Bird Registration $95/warrior after June 1

​Pay with your paypal, debit or credit card.

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Step into your personal power, get unstuck, flourish, and overcome obstacles with your “Warrior Spirit Battery Pack!”

Are you ready to live a more happy, healthy, focused, and resilient life? On June 24, Sensei Sahnya Thom, sought out speaker, teacher, and coach will take you on a grand adventure to Awaken Your Warrior Spirit where you will learn practical optimal living tools to activate within the next 24-hours.

This retreat includes meditation, gentle movement, lecture, personal reflection, fun interactive exercises, and whatever else Sensei pulls out of her magic hat for you!

Pay with your paypal, debit or credit card.

Don't forget to scroll down and fill out registration

You will learn:
  • What is “REAL” Personal Power and how to build your “Warrior Battery Pack”
  • The Power of retreats, devotion, rituals and the symbolic essence of the Blue Heron
  • Warrior mind-set emphasizing mindfulness, self-compassion, boundaries, and vision
  • Warrior walking, centering, grounding, posture and the 8 – Sacred Movements
  • How to recognize co-dependency and step back into your personal power
  • Eco-Warrior - connecting with the rhythm of nature
  • Sensei Sahnya Thom's Signature Guided Meditations

Please bring:
  • Yoga Mat & pillow/cushion
  • Water bottle
  • Journal, pen/writing utensil
  • Outdoor clothing layers & walking shoes
  • Allergy meds, diabetic needs, or any other medicines necessary. Please keep in mind, permitting weather, some of the training will be outdoors. If allergic to bees, etc, bring what you need.
  • Brown bag lunch, cooler if necessary.

We will provide:
  • Additional paper and pens
  • Morning healthy snack food (e.g. fruit, granola, nuts)
  • Map of area for further exploration if you wish to extend your day
  • Completion certificate for Level I AYWS 

Pay with your paypal, debit or credit card.
​Don't forget to scroll down and fill out registration

Bonus! At the end of the retreat, additional resources and apps will be shared to support today’s exercises. All participants will receive a completion certificate and a bonus gift from Sensei Sahnya Thom.


Photo by JuniperSkyes.com

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